Release the B’Ute Within

How do you make a utility vehicle stand for something more than, well, its utility? That was the challenge. We knew the hardworking people who drove and used the vehicles and needed to tell their stories in a compelling way that people could identify with. Turns out, the same qualities that attract people to the vehicles are the qualities they themselves possess, a strong work ethic, a desire to make a difference and a sense of fun and living life to the fullest.

We paid homage to the South African and the car he drives, the Ute. But the campaign does more than that. It’s about the affinity South Africans have for their cars, their “can do and will do” spirit. It’s the brotherhood between friends, the loyalty to family and the way South Africans spend their time — whether it’s going on a road trip to somewhere new or moving boldly through the world, like jumping off a rock into a dam, for the very first time! It’s about how much the Ute is a part of a South African’s daily life. It is a tribute to the South African way of life, its people and, of course, the Chevrolet Ute.

Within the digital space, we highlighted the stories of the vehicle. From building the community to getting away from it all to even helping a friend get in shape to release his inner “love machine.” We invited people to witness the lengths a B’Ute will go to help a friend, and to better the world. Our click rates were in the hundreds of thousands. We invited people to share videos of our You B’ute moments and to share their own #YouBute moments on Facebook and Twitter, bolstering the South African “can do” spirit in a nation that is able to overcome whatever is in its way. “’n boer maak ’n plan, met’n Utility.”