Spark opens the creative possibilities

We wanted to introduce the Spark’s spirit of innovation to a new generation, awakening and inspiring imaginations. Since Spark is the perfect blend of technology and style, we turned the city into a virtual and physical playground of ideas. We called the campaign that brought it all together, “A Little Goes A Long Way” – and it did. We started our campaign with three ingredients: a Spark modified to serve as an ice cream truck, a cooler and a lot of ice cream. Oh, yes, and an ice cream man. We drove around town delivering ice cream to people on the street – surprising and delighting them on a hot summer day.

Soon we had a lineup at the “Ice Cream Spark,” and interest in the vehicle heated up. Next, we turned a Spark into a mobile photo booth by adding a camera, a printer and a range of props. We parked it around 18 popular Mexico City hot spots to capture all the fun of a night on the town. People poured in to get photos taken with their friends. We even got the occasional best friend of a four-legged variety. And we spread the event throughout digital media channels using the hashtag #ASparkThat. Expandable banners sent the message even farther. We opened the conversation with a question: “How would you use your Spark in a creative way?” In the competition to answer that question, users submitted their ideas for the most creative use of a Spark. The best entry – a Spark turned into a mobile VIP box – won a MacBook Pro. We also enlisted the help of the band Los Liquits to help celebrate the Spark. They created a series of 12 sponsored webisodes and performed exclusive concerts that were live streamed featuring the Spark as a pivotal part of the stage show.

The fun, engaging and very creative “A Little Goes A Long Way” campaign earned a 2014 Find New Roads award and engaged a whole new generation in the Spark conversation. Digital videos saw 32,862 streams and were seen by 17,517 users. Engagement with the Chevrolet brand doubled the monthly rate (6.5 percent versus 3.51 percent). We saw 2,865 mentions using the hashtag made by 1,183 users. In addition, 13.1 million organic impressions were achieved during the campaign: for each participant, we received 7,982 viral impressions. Visits to the Spark Model Overview page on the brand site saw an increase of 46 percent when compared to same time in the previous year. All this buzz earned paid and non-paid media via radio show interviews, magazine articles and positive response from local Tweetstars: “Chilango – Free ice cream on a Sunday is so good! #ASparkThat” In fact, 66,183 interacted with Spark publications on social media channels. All of which support the idea that if it’s clever enough, a little really can go a long way.