Real LEGO®, Not Actors

The unmistakable raked profile. A sleek silhouette casts its shadow as a caped crusader leaps from the driver’s seat. The LEGO® Batmobile has been designed to strike fear in the heart of any villain. So, of course, it’s a Chevrolet vehicle. To help support the Chevrolet partnership with Warner Bros. for The LEGO® Batman Movie, our Detroit team invented a TVC designed to highlight the LEGO® Batmobile in time for its big-screen debut.
In the spot, real LEGO® Minifigures candidly discuss the all-new LEGO® Batmobile and the type of individual who would drive such a vehicle. The spot proves that the LEGO® Batmobile is the perfect choice for both lone crime fighters and average citizens looking for a dramatic ride. It’s packed with exciting options including the latest Chevrolet connectivity technology and class-exclusive stud shooters.

To commemorate the LEGO® Batmobile’s debut, a special Chevrolet bat signal appeared high in the night sky over the General Motors Renaissance Center. The team also developed a model overview webpage that showcased the all-new Chevrolet LEGO® Batmobile: Complete with specs and pricing. In addition, they helped design and support the creation of a “disruption project” geared toward boosting overall engagement with the Chevrolet brand as a whole, and dominating the social conversation around the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS): An actual life-size LEGO® Batmobile measuring 17 feet long and almost 7 feet high. The LEGO® Batmobile was unveiled at NAIAS on Jan. 14 to the delight of children and adults alike and remained on display for the remainder of the show. The Chevrolet LEGO® Batmobile promotion was a lot of fun – and it garnered a lot of attention. Site traffic to the LEGO® page recorded nearly 420K total visits (or 10 percent of total traffic), while mobile accounted for 75 percent of LEGO® traffic. Social support drove 58 percent of total LEGO® traffic, followed by natural search and email. visit volumes on Jan.15, Jan.19 and Jan.22 all recorded top days against the top 10 visit volumes of 2016. Between Jan.13-24, Chevrolet recorded a 10 percent conversation around NAIAS, with the next highest OEM being Ford at 5 percent of the conversation. 76 percent of Chevy NAIAS conversations were around Batman, Batmobile or LEGO®. Overall (including NAIAS Batman conversation), social conversation volumes around Chevy and LEGO® Batman recorded more than 12.1K mentions, a 15 percent increase in overall Chevy mentions. Chevrolet owned Batman posts recorded over 82.6K engagements, which was 83 percent above overall Chevrolet owned social posts. And finally, in terms of press coverage, 287 articles about the Lego Batmobile launch have been collected to date, with an estimated reach of over 4.3 million. Check out the :60 spot here