Everything, Together.

How do you launch a vehicle as not just a family vehicle, but as a vehicle that brings the family together? When we set out to help launch the new Chevrolet Spin Activ, we not only had to position the vehicle competitively in the Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) segment via its stylish design and key features, we had to strike a meaningful chord deep within our target audience that spoke to personal sentiments of family and connection. Long-form episodic films allowed us to do just that and, in the process, to strengthen market recognition for Chevrolet as an inventive brand throughout Indonesia. Click here to watch all the films on YouTube.

Chevrolet Spin was positioned as a vehicle that not only has it all — riding comfort, performance, spaciousness, great style and design — but one that can also bring the family together to achieve its goals. This was conveyed in the campaign idea: “Everything, Together.” The question became: How do you convey this big idea in a real, emotional way and bring it to life in a personal way? To build a strong emotional bond, we needed a contact point where consumers are ready to engage deeply with the content. We found the answer in a series of long-form episodic videos, which appear as a four-part online drama series. These films added emotional depth to Spin while highlighting key features (spaciousness, engine power and low fuel consumption). And, most important, they focused on Spin’s ability to make both individual and family goals achievable.

The story line of the “webisodes” revolves around the story of a chance encounter with an old friend that leads to a life-changing quest to find a father who was thought lost in a 1977 tsunami. A poignant story that was very relevant to its audience, the narrative unfolds as the family journeys together in their Spin throughout Indonesia to find their lost loved one. The vehicle is the silent hero that keeps them going, helping them to find the best in each situation. When designing the campaign, there were four key considerations for the architecture. First, it was important that the user be able to watch the videos in a familiar environment. Since Indonesia is a very mobile-focused culture, when users are forced to click away from Facebook or other apps, we typically lose them. We also wanted to identify which episodes had been watched and automatically offer up the next chapter of the story. We wanted to drive awareness via off-line communication to owned media. Lastly, off-line creative would be used to convey key product messages for users who did not view the videos. The creative solution took shape across traditional and social media. To encourage further awareness and repeat viewing, each episode included a hidden word that could be identified within a distinct emblem. Viewers were encouraged to find each word and combine them to form a sentence, which they could post on Twitter to win prizes. The sentence was a key theme and line in the final episode: "Everything is better together.”

Agency planning and collaboration paid off. Viewers couldn’t get enough of the Spin campaign. Overall, the Spin webisode campaign enjoyed an 87.5% positive sentiment. Facebook fan page results showed that we were the number one most engaging Facebook page, and we had leading completion rates for long-form content with 265,000 engaged users. Community growth was strong with a total of 125,010 total Facebook fans, up 25,000 since the campaign. Twitter followers went up by 7,000 for a total of 23,319 Twitter followers and 2,409 total YouTube subscribers, an 18% increase during the campaign. In fact, the first episode was voted eigth in the 2014 YouTube 10 Most Popular videos. Strong click -through rates saw a 1.6% average, which was a reflection of the engagingcreative (rich media and video) and precise targeting. We took advantage of the Twitter Kickstarter Program to get a 100% bonus in inventory. By creating and sharing chapters of an engaging story, we were able to build a conversation around family, shared goals and the extraordinary vehicle that made it all possible.