Capturing the Moment

Successful storytelling demands engaging your audience and keeping them in the story with you. Rewarding them for taking the time to listen, to look and to consider. Authenticity is important, especially for Chevrolet, as is consistency. Globally, the Chevrolet photography was not aligning, so we stopped and thought about the stories wanted to tell and to find a way to ensure those stories were being told in a consistently compelling way.  We wanted to capture a moment rather than create a false one for the camera. The goal was to find a way to really bring people into the moment.

When we set out to tell the Chevrolet brand story, the visual language was carefully considered so that the visual storytelling pulled the viewer into people living in the moment. Every year Chevrolet evolves their photography. In 2014, we wanted more humanity. We wanted to bring more life to the photos for 2014/2015 print and catalog work. Each image is a piece of the puzzle to achieve that model personality. Taken together, they evoke the emotion of what the brand stands for. “We wanted to capture the best moment ever. I look at the image and I want to be in that moment,” says James Adame, Commonwealth // McCann Global Design Director. “We wanted to evoke the vehicles’ personalities not only through the open road, but through the people who drive them.”

We searched for just the right photographers who could capture the moments of life — love, joy, family and discovery — and do so in an authentic way. We found six of them:  Chris Churchill, Brian Konoske, Tyler Gourley, Tom Roche, Nicholas Maggio and Roy Ritchie. Each shooter had a similar sensibility but contributed a slightly different take on a common theme. “The photographers were selected for having a style; not just being good shooters, but for having an untethered, artful style. That can’t be taught. That comes out of your soul,” says James Adame.

The new images were inspired — more like a glimpse into someone’s life than advertising. Like capturing a moment much the way someone would with a smartphone. The photography turned out so well that we created a book around it. “The Summer of Chevrolet” is a 117-page full color collection of everyday moments of possibility and the vehicles that help take people to new places. Literally and metaphorically, we took the work down new roads.

Through the photography, we get down to the essence of the object or the moment. Images like these give you the opportunity to make a real connection with someone. And through the images, we can tell better stories. “You can shoot 15,000 images and then you whittle it down to ten, and something magical really happens. Magical things happen all the time — we’ve just cracked it in a different way,” says Adame.