Sweet Victory

The homemade wire push car is a well-known South African toy. In fact, it has become more than simply a plaything; it’s become an icon of South African childhood itself. With that in mind, we celebrate the ingenuity and determination of one young boy who knows that the little things can make a big difference. In the process, he finds new possibilities in the familiar.

Finding ways to more effectively reach customers is an ongoing goal. And when we earn recognition for our work, it fuels our efforts even more. Our Johannesburg team’s Cruze campaign was recently recognized in the Saturday Star, a best-selling national newspaper in South Africa. One of the industry’s top journalists gave the new spot a fantastic review, noting that the entire spot was made locally for the community and highlighting how the car plays an important part role in the family.

This celebrated spot positions Cruze as a vehicle that recognizes the hard work and achievements of the growing middle class in South Africa. The story features a young boy who makes toy wire push cars with his friends. The boy is inspired by his father and the family Cruze — and we can see this influence in the toy vehicle he creates. Throughout the spot, you see scenery and images from in and around Barberton in Mpumalanga which, as the Saturday Star article states, gives it a “uniquely South African flavor.”