Connecting with a New Generation

How do you make yourself heard by a tech-savvy generation with so many unique ways to express itself? This was the key question when we launched the Chevrolet Onix MCE and Lollapalooza Edition. We started off by deciding how this generation wanted us to talk to them. So, rather than talking about how incredible the product is, the team took a deep dive in target audience studies in order to understand their behavior and what motivated them. Like how being without a smartphone makes people feel vulnerable—naked, even. Or how a “selfie” is more an expression of one’s self than of vanity. And how music and shared experience provide a sense of belonging and memories that last well after the last chord has reverberated into the night air. We needed to prove that Onix truly gets the moment this generation is living in and the incredible need to connect and share the many aspects of their life. More than understanding this generation, we had to really be part of it.

Music, selfies and staying connected all came together in perfect harmony.  Lollapalooza Brazil was a major event and to celebrate, Chevrolet created a special series, Onix Lollapalooza Edition. We partnered with Instamission, a collaborative Instagram project, to create a promotion to award win Lollapalooza tickets to the best selfies using #SELFIEONIX. In doing so, we created a portrait of a generation. This initiative built on the success of our technology message platform, and on the success of our “Forgetful” campaign, which followed a young man who has forgotten his smartphone. He walks naked through the world as a metaphor for his vulnerability without a connection. Don’t worry. He wasn’t alone for long — as the spot was widely “liked” and shared across social networks. Speaking of friends, “really great team dynamics” helped bring these campaigns to life. The entire team worked long hours side by side in order to make sure every detail happened as planned. It’s this kind of teamwork that helps make ideas stronger, smarter and more complete. The team wins, the ideas win, and, more important, the client wins.

The campaign successfully connected people to what they enjoy most: selfies, friends and the coolest festivals. The response was so great that we’re going to do it all again. Onix is going to sponsor the Lollapalooza 2015 tour. So there’s only one question left to ask: Are you ready to rock?