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Our Leadership

Bill Kolb //

Chairman and CEO

Bill’s a passionate guy — about the work, about his music and about the city of Detroit. The agency brings it all together: “I love the work, love the company, love the life.”

Kate MacNevin //

EVP, Executive Dir. of Global Operations

“My father would always come in in the mornings to wake us up and he’d say, ‘Izzy, wizzy, let’s get busy.’ It motivates me, that inner drive to get up every morning and get it done.”

Linus Karlsson //

Creative Chairman

Named after Linus from Charles Schulz’s "Peanuts" cartoon, it’s no surprise that Linus is a dog lover, or that he’s created some iconic work of his own. Snoopy would be proud.

Andy Queen //

EVP, Chief Financial Officer

Andy is an expert at capturing momentum — whether it’s a financial opportunity at work or a wind-filled sailing trip on the weekend.

Ash Farr //

EVP, Director of Strategy & Research

Ash thrives on challenges. A former paratrooper in the British Army and a race car enthusiast, he also explored new territory when he founded Spike, one of the first music streaming platforms in Los Angeles.

Jeff Beverly //

EVP, Global Dir. of Content

"It’s amazing to work with such incredible talent from around the globe and experience different approaches to content production."

Matt Canzano //

EVP, Deputy Global Chief Creative Officer

Matt is never without his thinking cap, or fedora, as the case may be. “When I moved to Chicago I got my first stingy brim porkpie and the rest was history.”

Linda Sorbera //

Global Director, HR

“Travel is a great way to understand what’s going on beyond your four walls, to get a perspective on what’s going on in the world and bring that back to the work.”

Lance Miller //

Chief Technology Officer

“We may not be on the creative front lines, but it’s gratifying to see how technology helps them do what they do and open the possibilities for our creative team.”

Greg Braun //

Deputy Global Chief Creative Officer

When seeking creative coconspirators, Greg looks for "characters with character."

Grant Theron //

Executive Director of Global Operations

"Culture is everything. You have to want to work at an agency. If you create the right culture, people will want to work there. The work is better."

Krysty Sagnia //

Managing Director, Global Resource Center

"The key to creating great dynamics? Be honest and respectful with your team. We have to have each others’ backs."

Trading places with MAP. Try to get a job somewhere else. Go ahead, we dare you. The Mobility Across Partners (or MAP to its friends) was developed to provide top performing World Group account executives and project managers with the opportunity to experience life at two sister agencies, working on a variety of client business. When you come back home, share your experiences and use them to make the work, and the agency, even better.